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Focus Areas plus Ideas, Skills, Interests, etc.

INITIAL PERCEIVED CONNECTIONS/FOCUS AREAS: 1. Hammocks, tents, naptime, blanket forts, teepees, spaces to relax and discuss 2. Food, ice cream, foraging, freeganism, cooking, gardens, the natural world 3. Singing, music making, rock and roll, listening, dancing 4. Bookmaking, libraries, painting, drawing, crafts, kites, bubbles 5. Walking, adventure, exploration, scavenger hunt, mapping, grappling hooks, swings 6. […]

The K.I.D.S. Has Some Work To Do

The K.I.D.S. Has Some Work To Do Deadline: March 6 Contact: Emcee C.M. – thekidsforever(at)gmail(dot)com (Subject: I am a K.I.D.) Scheduled for May, 2009 The Kindness and Imagination Development Society (K.I.D.S.) is getting ready to do some work with the Flux Factory. Together we will carry out a series of temporary events and actions in […]