Focus Areas plus Ideas, Skills, Interests, etc.

1. Hammocks, tents, naptime, blanket forts, teepees, spaces to relax and discuss
2. Food, ice cream, foraging, freeganism, cooking, gardens, the natural world
3. Singing, music making, rock and roll, listening, dancing
4. Bookmaking, libraries, painting, drawing, crafts, kites, bubbles
5. Walking, adventure, exploration, scavenger hunt, mapping, grappling hooks, swings
6. Interventions in workplaces, week without obligations, utopias
7. Togetherness, handshakes/hugs demo, exchange, human contact, conversation


The already-started-project-I-can-think-of-incorporating or embarking-on-in-the-spirit-of-The K.I.D.S. is Songlines. I am doing it with Vita and Ishmael Wallace and any and all comers. Taking our cue from the Aboriginal creation myth, we are going to map our neighborhood in song. We define our neighborhood as “within walking distance of 113th btw. Broadway and Amsterdam.” But secretly we are hoping to start a trend that will pop up like witch-grass in neighborhoods all over the place. We want our songs to include descriptions of what was or happened here before, what we observe now, and what we imagine we would like to see/hear/feel/smell/taste here in the future (near and far). The songs will be performed walking and/or parading down the street. Some will tell you how to get somewhere, some will tell you where you are. We plan to make a lot and exchange them.

I would like to suggest a “hammock bee” which would involve many people making, hanging, connecting and playing in their hammocks in a public space. The hammocks could be fashioned from a variety of materials like bed sheets, curtains,drop cloths, plastic tarps and so on.

Here is a link to a video on how to easily make a hammock from just about anything:

I imagine that the “hammock bee” could take many forms. Like a quilting bee there could be specific games or goals that are worked towards like bridging a long distance, or creating inventive patterns with a macrame or basket weaving technique to connect multiple networks. Once the hammocks are aloft we could invent “hammocentric” games, hang out or even just relax.

My interests are born out of the three ways I presently divide my time, which are:

1. working as a Fabricator and Instructor of art, which affords me the time to
2. work on my art practice as well as
3. spend time with friends, family, associates, strangers, and myself.

My art practice is presently focused on developing tools, systems, and/or artworks that integrate the three ways I divide my time into one creative, constructive and meaningful way of working and living.
Here is a link to a list of some of the skills I could bring to the project:


I would love to get involved with the project and will reflect more on exactly what I plan to do. Right now I am thinking I would like to do something with food and/or a mapping game/project.

Share a book
The proposal has as the main objective of emphasize the concept of “sharing” and of “participation”. Nowadays, money has become the main vehicle of exchange between individuals. “Share a book” would consist of a small workshop about book making giving space to one’s creativity to build a story from collage of magazine images – as for building fictional narratives from every day’s images (almost in a post-modern approach), but having in mind the finite resource of paper used to create the small book (an environmental approach). In the end, the books would be raffled and the final action would be each one giving his work to the “winner”. Everybody would have a memory of that creation moment.
You asked me about other things I could do, I like photography and the idea of using those one time use cameras crossed my mind, but there are some costs involved and I don’t know if it would have the same result. That idea would be more like a “Photo Safari” making each participant to know more about the city they live… it’s also an idea, but in this case I see the sharing as the whole experience of doing something together. The book making is more like a gathering… I don’t know how to explain this better.
interests: My academic formation is engineering – computers.
But my interests have a different range from my work, though I like what I do.
I do Photography and love visual arts in general, I write for 2 magazines now… and I like to collaborate in interesting projects like this one.
I usually have tons of ideas, just don’t have much time to put them in practice.
Recently I bought a book that teaches how to do books. I’m still learning, but maybe this could be a good activity, since me and other people could enjoy the same experience, at the same time. What do you think?

Costumes, balloons… ?

Walk through the city while playing cards, constantly reinventing the games based on your surroundings. etc. Fishing. boating. ?

glad to hear things are up and running. of course i would like to be involved. i’m pretty busy with work and school right now but i’m pretty flexible on the weekends if that’s of any use. it’d be really nice to be involved with something other than school and work as well.

“Shall We Nap?” (tentative title)
Bringing nice bed (Bedbug free:) and let people take a nap at a park orin the middle of the streets like the open space next to Flat Iron building on Broadway that is recently the Mayor expanded the pedestrian space.

My extended idea of this project hopefully might happen in the near future is that getting many people’s live sleeping video from the other side of the sphere and others take a nap on the bed in the middle of noisy NY streets by mimicking the sleep form the tv which cames from the other world. This requires more tech+people around the world. So, maybe simply offering nap space for looking busy people on the streets is easy and good to go idea for K.I.D.S. project.

Some carpentry work is piece of cake.
I could take pictures of the events by my G7-10megapixel camera.

After carefully weighing the advantages and disadvantages of participating in the aformentioned activities, including a thorough coat/benefit analysis, I, ____tim_hyde____, agree to employ both kindness and imagination at some point during the month of May 2009. In other words, brother, count me in! Hell yes!

As a part of K.I.D.S’ live events, I’d like to set up a transient platform that can generate private experience within public space. I will make a temporary structure on the streets and invite strangers to share their own stories or memories. When two people share their own stories, the stories are belong to both. You spill out yourself without noticing. Exchanging my sculpture for strangers’ personal stories, I’d like to share a desire for intimacy.

For the past two years, I made a series of public intervention throughout in Manhattan. As a foreigner with an urge for interaction, I became a street vendor at the Union Square Park and Chinatown. I sold the `Samples of Emotion’ and `Samples of Artists’ as an exchange for feelings, songs, dance or strawberries. I engaged with each participant and became a channel through a projecting public.

Get 8-12 kids and make a little karaoke rock band – take them through improv exercises, find their rock personas, learn a Beatles song or two then film a rock video in a city park with me dressed in a bear mascot costume I made. The end product would be an art film that I edit that can be shown to the “band” and parents at a later date.

I’m proposing to set up an “imagination podcasting outpost,” either indoors or out and interview people from the street/park/sidewalk and shape the performance in a way that promotes uninhibited expression and encouragement of time/space recognition/relationships. I will promote the event with a, “LIVE !!! Podcasting EVENT in the FREE WORLD, with a “Take a Ride on the Magical Podcasting Side” theme.

I bring an interest in surrealism and the sociology of associations. I’m a skilled cook and public speaker.

For the K.I.D.S. collaboration, I imagine people engaging in silly or childish activities with nature, letting themselves get dirty and have fun. I am interested in the fascination with the natural world that many of us had when we were children. The activity could involve acting out people’s favorite childhood activity that involves the natural world. I see an organized group rolling down a hill or making mud pies. Or perhaps we can all sit in a circle and pass a handful of dirt around until it has sifted through onto our laps.

Card games combined with other activities in simultaneous leisure multitasking. Collecting edible wild plants and throwing wild tea parties with the results. Tire swings on streets. Miniature libraries on sidewalks. Interventions in offices and other workplaces that subvert the dominant paradigm of rational productive work. Rooftop garden network and seed exchanges. Ice cream. Food food food. Ice cream. Walking. Cycling. Mobilizing. Sailing on land and water and in between. Blanket forts. Brainstorms to clear the head. Active living. Secret rooms. Storytelling. Singing. Kinship.

I had an idea for the flux event. I think that something we should do is get about fifteen people to all just congregate and hug one another, shake hands, bow, all sorts of greetings, and then start bringing other people that are totally random and hopefully accosted into the event to share in simply basic human connection through tactile sense.

I’ve gathered a list of all known hand shakes that I can use and their basic description:
1 Wave: Raise your right or left arm and move it back and forth over your head with the fingers elongated.
2 Put her there pal: Grip your opponent’s hand firmly, but not painfully with thumb at top point of hand parallel to opponent’s thumb and bring hands up and down one to four times before releasing the grasp.
3 Death grip: Grip opponent’s hand painfully. Can become contest. Perform with caution.
4 Limp fish: reach for a Put her there pal but do not grip at all. Hand can be postured properly, but do not squeeze, or act at all present.
5 Homey Handshake: Grip opponent’s hand firmly, but not painfully, by wrapping fingers around the heel of your opponent’s thumb as they do like wise. Basic transition into more complex hand shakes.
6 Man Hug: Face opponent at approximate two to three foot distance. Lean forward, without advancing groin area, and embrace with arms in alternating fashion so that neither participant is higher or lower than the other, and ritualistically smack opponent’s back in rhythm. Never lasts more than five seconds without awkward disposition.
7 I love you: Appropriate for any combination of sex, though important to mean it. stand at distance of no less than six inches. Embrace with arms in alternating fashion so that neither participant is higher or lower than the other. Be compassionate. Hold embrace for as long as is required to transmit emotion. Generally in upwards of ten seconds.
8 I want to fuck you: Primarily appropriate only for lovers. Face opponent as close as is possible, often with feet alternating. One, generally the more dominant personality, embraces with arms above the other’s arms and reaches down to squeeze the opponent’s buttocks. The less dominant personality merely wraps their arms around the other’s waist and buries head in chest while each grinds pelvis suggestively. Embrace generally lasts several minutes, sometimes leads to horizontal hustle.
9 Homey Hug: Homies involved enact Homey Handshake then advances with opposite arm reaching around to the opponent’s back with hands still clasped between chests. Appropriate situations range from basic greeting, to emotional celebration.
10 High 5: Begin like Wave by elevating hand above head at a I love you distance. Propel hands together with force. Should cause smacking noise. Practice aim for perfect High 5s.
11 Pound it/Respec: Stand at I love you distance. Ball hand into fist, and propel fist towards opponent’s fist either without force until they clench together and apply pressure enough to signify presence. When performed with force in repetition, it is called Bloody Knuckles.
12 Sneak Attack: Stand between Man hug and I love you. Ball hand into fist as if performing Pound it but wind hand up as if going to perform with force. A split second before the moment of impact, open fist into open palm with elongated fingers to perform a High 5 at high velocity and impact. Perfect for frightening onlookers who do not know.
13 Fist Love: One participant balls fist, while other winds arm up for High 5. The end result is the one participant’s fist wrapped in the opponent’s hand closed over it affectionately.
14 Jazz: Perform High 5 as normal except without raising hand above head, but instead at nipple height. Upon the meeting of the opponents’ hands, there is a slight grip, followed by turning away from one another, snapping fingers with the hand used in the horizontal High 5, transitioning out of finger snap into hitchhiker’s thumb position pointing behind one’s self in the direction turning, and saying, “Psshhhhhh…”. The participants must turn in opposite directions, as they are using what are the same hands objectively, but subjectively are on opposite sides of the maneuver.
15 Salmon: Face one another at slightly more than I love you distance. Place palms upon one another’s fore arm with slight pressure for mild smacking noise, and repeat quickly to mimic the movements of a salmon out of water gasping for breath.
16 Flapjack: Participants stand at slightly more than I love you distance. Hands are displayed palm up before one another, with one participant’s hand, hereafter referred to as hand A, below the others. The upper hand shall be referred to as hand B. Hand A smacks upwards, launching hand B into the air, where hand B mimics the actions of a pancake launched high up to flip it to the opposite side. Hand B performs excitingly before coming to rest with a resounding smack upon hand A.
17 Shot gun: Opponents stand at I love you distance, slightly askew. One arm of each is displayed with hand balled into fist, fist parallel to opponent’s bicep. Fists are pulled back while making “K-chk!” noise of pump action shotgun, brought back to parallel with bicep, then wound up for a resounding Pound it ending with fists flying away as they blossom into open hands and each participant makes explosion noises.
18 Platoon: Participants face one another at slightly more than I love you distance. Lean back slightly while raising arms up towards heaven and face is tilted upwards. Hold pose for approximately three seconds, then press on with business as usual.
19 Blow the nuclear bomb away: Stand near one another at indeterminate distance. Pinch thumb, fore finger, middle finger, and ring finger together into the shape of a bird’s beak, fish’s head, or rocket’s nose cone. Hold pinky separate. Place the point of fingers on that of your opponents so as to create the image of the mushroom cloud, then bring fingers still pinched together to lips, and blow on them softly while letting hand flow away as the fingers relax.
20 Electrify: Perform Homey Hug, but on the instant of grip begin to twitch and wave all extremities and roll eyes into back of head as neck lolls about as if to pantomime a serious electrocution.
21 The Cardinal: Perform Salmon with three repetitions of the smack, transitioning from last smack into immediate Jazz, and raise arms above head in exaggerated Platoon with a more extreme lean back and a waving of the hands as in Spirit Fingers.
22 Huzzah: perform horizontal High 5, smack again with backs of hands on the back swing. One participant places palm up hand in middle and other smacks down. Repeat with roles reversed. Perform traditional High 5. Perform Homey Handshake, shift grip so that all fingers are individually gripping their counterparts on opponent’s hand. Pull out of grip suddenly so as to cause snapping sound as of snapping fingers. Quickly transition into hand miming pistol. Shot opponent. Close. ALTERNATE FINISH: for the devoted to celebration of the Huzzah, when hand is miming pistol, move into slowmotion bullet-time action, shoot multiple times while simultaneously miming being shot, and headbanging. Make appropriate grunting noises.
23 Full Body Handshake: Perform horizontal High 5 with both hands simultaneously. Smack again with backs of hands on back swing. Tap right feet together between opponents, then left feet. Perform Homey Handshake with both hands simultaneously, bring right or left feet up and press together as if gripping. Shake. Plant feet on ground as you turn while maintaining grip with hands so that hands remain clasped, and the lighter participant is facing the back of the heavier, stronger participant. Using hands for support, lighter participant vaults self onto back of heavier participant into Piggy Back Ride. Shake. Disengage.
And that’s all I got. I think I might publish that into a self-help pamphlet. TEACH SELF TO LOVE HUMAN CONTACT AGAIN IN 23 PROGRESSIVELY MORE DIFFICULT STEPS.

i am up for anything involving ice cream and the beat. or a beat. or “the beet.”
tho, i oppose to being called a KIDS dev slash developer. i am taking the summer off from official art and proper grammar, so there.

Chocolate factory making replicas of commercial candybars with whatever is at hand. General utopias and adventures, etc.

Towards the end of May works best for me. I’m already thinking about ideas and how I can contribute to the project.

I would love to play with the KIDS, but haven’t quite figured out what I want to do you with you guys! I have tons of ideas, and maybe am more interested in working on other people’s project than this one, but my favourite one is this:

There have sure been a lot of people losing their homes lately. It’s hard to have shelter in New York sometimes, because it’s so expensive! I don’t think it’s fair that people need to pay tons of money for housing, since they need housing to survive. People need to have safe places to exist to survive, but these days people often have to make it up as they go.

Central Park is a place where you wouldn’t want to sleep usually, right? It’s dangerous to be in public in the dark alone. But some people have to sleep in the park. It happens. Basically I’d like to make the park a safe place to sleep for anybody, at least for one night. So I want to build a temporary utopia in Central Park; there are lots of ways to define Utopia, but for now we’ll work with the idea that it’s a place where you can get all your needs met without having anything, and therefore be free to let your true self, your creative self, shine forth like a shimmering diamond. Ideally, this would take place on my birthday, May 16th, because I can’t imagine anything I’d rather get for my birthday than kingship of a utopia for a day.

This project is all about finding ways to get people’s basic human needs met so they’re free to play endlessly. So we’ll have shelter, encouraging people to come build a tent city during the day. We’ll have food, preferably dumpstered and prepared in a temporary kitchen on site, and we’ll run Food Not Bombs out of our city. I’d love to get people to build DIY shoes or make shirts on site, but I don’t know how to do those things yet! So maybe we’ll have to make a friend who can help with clothing. I think community is a basic human need, and I’d like to make everybody who comes in a temporary member of Central Village, giving them citizenship papers. As the night goes on, I’d like to have games (kid stuff; freeze tag, hide and go seek, spotlight, duck duck goose, whatever), goofy music, dancing, ghost stories, s’mores and a campfire if there’s no trouble with the parks department. People will be encouraged to sleep over, and there will be some people who agree to stay up all night and make sure nobody’s being mean. Notable is that we’ll be making extra tents and inviting people to stay the night, whoever comes along, regardless of whether they have a home they could sleep in instead.

Very, very kind and very, very imaginative scavenger hunt:
3 teams armed with a camera and set of clues (made by me) turned loose on the city for a day to capture things like:
a birthday party
a thing that goes round and round and up and down (like the Joni Mitchell song)
a compliment to a stranger
Stranger’s name:
Place of altruistic act:
Time of altruistic act:
…something like that…
Otherwise, I could just make tea and toast for people, with lots of kinds of tea and lots of toast toppings

I like to participate in the KID project. I already had a tepee builded in my studio and re-used my paintings as the skin. It is very cosy inside. Lined with cowhide and pillows. It’s my Valentine present to Ensze. We work on it together. It’s now our conference room.
I like to invite special guests (curators and artist) to come by to hang out, play some songs and have some creative conversation. This session will be recorded and be broadcast as podcast and are available to the public. Like an incubator for creative thinking. Call is Creative Tribal Council.

I would like to do something with the library of the streets– maybe make some sort of a call for people to put out their unwanted books on the street in one area and i will catalogue them and make the catalogue available in one set spot that will have sort of a treasure map of disposed books; i started this project a few years ago and have been thinking about starting up again in a new more organized way.
Interests: Making boring stuff seem cool, making cool stuff seem boring, adding dancing and cookies to every activity, etc. Skills: organizer of the chaotic, librarian of the streets, bike rider– capable of carrying large amounts of stuff for long distances, etc.

Workplace interventions (UNICEF, law offices, etc.)

The live drawings I think could become a fun part of your upcoming collaborations. I start with a blank head and just try to move along as they play until everything starts to take form. Typically I wind up on a bar floor with big paper, as I have to be prepared to pack light when we play around town, but I have really been hoping to expand this musical enactment into something more lively, with more possibilities. I enjoy it so much because it embodies for me the idea that art is an ever present and simple thing that we always have access to, with or without credentials. It comes out of the No Thing. As an artist and art therapist I do want more people to know that their art can be simple and spontaneous and doesn’t have to require a justification. The movement is immediate and present.
I would love to be able to collaborate with people on some ideas for how to set this up out of doors, in public spaces, or integrated with other arts. I’d like to see it grow beyond the paper and I have been finding that growth is most often the result of mutual exchange.

i am interested in audiences that are not necessarily art educated. i’m interested in freeganism, food not bombs, anti-capitalism. i can paint (faces, portraits, furniture, still lifes), i can speak mandarin, i can spackle, i can make an eggplant dish and stirfry noodles and sandwiches and potato leek soup.

I’m definitely a fan of kindness and imagination, and I plan to be around in May, so you can count me in. I don’t have any solid ideas yet, so I’m not sure whether I’d want to propose something or join forces with someone else’s proposal.

I would like to give myself a “Residency” in NY, a week without
internet or distraction, in order to save daily life. I propose that
as many of us KIDS as possible take a week out for an abundance of
kindness and imagination.

-Do you have an idea for an activity?
1) Whispering Workshops: I can teach you how to hear yourself.
See an instructional video here
2) Mapping the airspace above our heads on sidewalks (use a balloon
with a reel of string and a marker… mark the distance you’ve walked
and the height above) a bit like this
3) Swinging on the subway with my bag:

-What interests and skills would you bring to the projects?
I am interested in play, trust, generosity, smiling in public space,
and learning new crafts. I can shoot video, teach whispering
workshops, give swings for the subway, and lead “the space above”
walks. I can also juggle, play soccer, reach high things, and dive
into anything I don’t know how to do with too much confidence. I’ve
been told I’m a good eater too.

OTHER PLACES – possibilities of travel here, idea share, and/or exchange from afar

I can share many skills with the other K.I.D.S.: cooking & baking; making lovely things with junk; climbing on things; telling & recording stories; filming and taking images; speaking English, French, Spanish and a little German; writing about projects…but I can’t sing.
Somatic Stories- I am a K.I.D healing for fun but listening for real.

People usually don’t want to hear about aches and pains, illness, suffering, disaster. If you are not doing well, lie about it. Pretend everything is great. Smile. It makes people feel comfortable.

I don’t want to know your name but I do want to hear about your aches and pains. I absolutely do. Please tell me about every single event that ever affected your body. Please describe everything with great detail.

I will show up on your doorstep or in a café of your choice. I will sit and listen to everything you have to say about life’s passage and the marks it leaves behind. You are free to talk for ten minutes or 2 hours. I will not interrupt. I will be busy taking notes on a sheet of paper, recording your story.

When you have finished talking. I will make a map of your aches and pains. I will tattoo a fabric doll with colourful symbols representing your body stories.

I will keep the written notes to unburden you. The doll will be yours to keep, your secret portrait, your somatic treasure map.
I will then be on my way.
It was lovely meeting you.

Technical requirements
A cheap place to stay while in New York City for a week or two. Being rather small in size, I fit well on couches. I cook well and don’t smell. I love ice cream and snacks.
This performance can happen anywhere where there is a power outlet and people.

I am writing to contribute an idea to the work you and all involved in the Kindness and Imagination Development Society are preparing to do in May with Flux Factory. About eight months ago, I staged a kite building/guerilla gardening workshop in my hometown of Richmond, VA.
The two-day workshop was called “Habitat Reclamation,” and served as a space for conversation on the relationship between neighborhood environmental quality and specific community’s socioeconomic makeup. We built bird-shaped kites and prepared an arsenal of eggshell seed bombs to fly and drop over a field that was slated for development in Jackson Ward, a neighborhood in Richmond that was once known as the Harlem of the South, but split and forced into economic despair by the construction of a highway in the 1960’s and is now in the process of gentrification.
I wonder if the activities and conversation of the Habitat Reclamation workshop could somehow be translated for the situation you imagine developing for the K.I.D.S. project in May. It could function very similarly to the original workshop, where a station is set up for the
building of kites and seed bombs, which are deployed en masse at a site in want of a garden on a given date. It could also be modified to be something where people just stop in as they can and work a little bit on a seed bomb and/or kite to use at a site of their choosing. The seed-bombs are very simple to prepare, and may be made by young children (I would say 5 and up). The kites, however, are a more involved process (3 to 5 hours, depending on how much prep work is done), and may be a bit difficult for people under the age of 12 to
construct. Several images accompany my letter; the first three are from the original Habitat Reclamation workshop, and the fourth and fifth are from a seed-bomb workshop I partnered with a friend to do for a summer arts camp in Richmond for 6 to 10 year-olds.
I’m really excited to hear more about what all might be in store for this project in May, and what the K.I.D.S. will come up with next!

K.I.D.S. of the world unite!!! I’m planning a series of events/performances especially for Museum Night here in Sofia which is around the 16th of May and we have willing collaborators.
The Electric K.I.D.S. Performance Exchange

We intend to perform a week of actions that will occur simultaneously in Sofia and New York City from May 15-22, 2009. The performances will be based on online instructions passed back and forth between participants in the two groups, and translated from a foreign language into one’s native language. Each performance will take place in the course of a 12-hour period, so there will be a performance every day in each country for the week. While the Bulgarians sleep the Americans will be performing and vise versa. Because of the 7-hour time difference between the two places, the Bulgarians will receive their instructions at 7 a.m. and have to complete their performances by 7 p.m., whereas the Americans will receive their instructions at noon and will have to complete them by midnight each day:

7 Days, 14 People, 14 Instructions, 14 Performances

Step 1. Receive online instructions for a performance written in a foreign language.
Step 2. Translate the instructions into your own language, as best you can.
Step 3. Interpret the instructions as a performance within 12 hours of receipt.
Step 4. Document the performance however you want.
Step 5. Post your translation of the instructions and documentation of the performance on project website.
Step 6. Write and send new instructions to the next performer overseas.
Step 7. Enjoy the collaborative babble.

I won’t be in NY in May to participate in the activities. However, I would love to coordinate and develop an event or two here in Texas to go along with yours in NYC. Please keep me informed with dates and other information!
Blanket forts!

Would you throw in your lot with children?
I would sir, and gladly!
It sounds like a grand scheme, I’d like to take part. if only holograms were available to the general public. lemme check flight prices real quick… not too terrible. maybe I should go.

I have this deep fascination with grappling hooks lately. I was trying to think of some way to use grappling hooks in a not too illegal way to have an adventure. I haven’t gotten very far yet. All I did was scope out a billboard. billboards are totally easy to climb up to. and they’d be really fun to use a grappling hook on. the only problem is you’re up where everyone can see you.
But keep your eyes open. I’ll come to new york to climb the statue of liberty with you, or anything else, if you want. I hopped the wall into the japanese tea garden in SF the other day, and it has a big wooden bar holding the main doors closed, just like in movies about the middle ages, and I tried to open it for my friends, but it was padlocked, but I set off a silent alarm, we saw it cause this red light was flashing, and so we ran through the garden to catch a glimpse and take a big breathe of stolen air, then we ran back over the wall and about five minutes later the cops showed up. it was awesome.
maybe we could break into yankee stadium and have a game there?
by the way I was on mushrooms when I went into the tea garden. It was with my writing group, we’re called “thieves and tigers,” in reference to an obscure translation of something ghandi said once. mushrooms are really fun, they make you really sensitive and silly. it is like being totally enthralled by everything that is happening right now, only there’s no way to snap out of it and organize your brain, you’re stuck in this experience of now until the hallucination ends. We wandered in the woods for about three hours. I think this may be the start of a KID project, but I am not sure. wandering in the dark is really fun though. maybe flashlight tag in central park?
Oh deary me, If i ain’t involved in this, I hopes you can tell me about it.

REBECCA PARKER (North Carolina)
Blanket forts, conversation, dirt, tomatoes, ?

JULIA RICH and her friend DAVE (Chicago)
My friend Dave and I are wanting to begin collecting people’s relationships to the moon, (as they express it through words, linguistic). We were wondering if there was an opportunity to have either some kind of paper document, (like a postcard for example), with the prompt, question- so that people floating around KIDS activities in May could pick them up answer and send the responses back here to chicago, through the mail. Another idea linked to something I was thinking about suggesting to you as a ‘skill’, was making myself available through the phone to listen to people’s spiritual problems, whatever falls into this category for them, (or their dreams, was another thought- to listen to dreams). I told Dave about this and he said, well perhaps the moon responses could be given to us through the phone, from people from new york- recorded and then possibly transcribed for the catalogue, or a sonic(recorded) catalogue.

JADE THACKER (Los Angeles)
Well, I am an enthusiastic member, and I would love to share some ideas. I am excited to hear about the project to have public KIDS awareness performances around NYC. I live in Los Angeles, but I thought I could make friends with some of you guys and see if you want to do one of my activity ideas.

Because I don’t live in NYC I will need to ask some friends that live there to do a little local geographic research… we must find some fancy pants restaurants with balconies above seated luncheoners. Or really any balcony- type location (or bridge, for example) that exists above someplace where fussy, or not particular fussy, adults reside… Maybe adults are having lunch below, or waiting at the bus stop, or in line… On top of this bridge/ balcony/ above-place is where K.I.D.S will reside with Bubbles galore. From up top KIDS will blow the bubbles and bring curious surprise smiles to the people below. Simple, but something to remember. If I were sitting at dinner this night and my family asked, “What was your favorite part of the day?” I would say “Without a doubt! The bubbles out of no where! Thanks KIDS!”

So what do you think? I will gladly write up a more thorough description of my activity proposal (including prospective locations, and if you have suggestions, let me know!). Maybe I could send you guys the special bubbles recipe, you all could whip up a special bubble batch (flowers, love, soap, a little spit, laughter, red food coloring, like this…). It would be fun to send this in the mail. Like a package.

JOHN WALKER (Connecticut)
Making castle is the sand?
Oh how beautiful they are!
Especially when every one helps!
The third thursday street festival hired me to do a kids area with some of the items I have put together over the years, like the home made marble games, stilts, horse and chariot. I am very excited about being asked to facilitate the kids activities.
Some kids need help being kids. Once I was asked to do the event my mind was a glow with the limitless possibilities. A small stage coach for kids just big enough for 48 inchers to fit in. A little door to get in. A little window to look out. A little bell to ring. Oh just the simple things. Rocking horse races. Sling shot shooters. A musically themed evening with the Stomp folks in mind. Juggling. Cool kraft making sessions. Oh my so many things. I can’t wait. Yes i would like to participate in the K.I.D.S series. I’ll give it some more thought and let you know.
Sail Wagon Derby!!!


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