Day eight of the K.I.D.S. work week: Picnic, mudpies, kite-making

We closed out the week of actions with a picnic in the park near the base of the Queensboro bridge, Queens side. We had a lot of good snacks: saltines with sardines, fluffernutters, homemade cookies, chips, stuff like that.

The KIDS - 436

Some of us ate strange concoctions of various foods while blindfolded. Always good for a laugh.

We made kites out of things like paper, tape, plastic bags, twigs.

Some of them flew a little bit, and we learned a lot. Yes, definitely educational.

The KIDS - 305

We made K.I.D.S. kits to give out to participants from the week. This youth displays the contents of her kit: moustache, glove, stick, cape, badge, etc.

And of course, mudpies. This was a good way to wind down from a hectic week of playing at work.

Photos by Chen Tamir, Emcee C.M.


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