Day one of K.I.D.S. week: Handshake demonstration, public costume party, ice cream kick-the-can, and other hijinks

We kicked off Kindness and Imagination Development Week in Union Square, Manhattan on Saturday, May 17th. Several of us showed up with a few duffel bags full of costumes and snacks and we proceeded to have a good old time.

EMT started things off by displaying his encyclopedic knowledge of handshakes, high-fives, and hugs. He taught us what he knew going around a circle of folks we knew before and folks we met that day. Then we broke into small groups and worked on developing new secret handshakes.

Here, Emmett and Diane show us how it’s done in fine fashion.

These were some cool K.I.D.S we met in Union Square, who knew a lot of their own handshakes. They rocked the wings and tutus all day!

We met this guy who was dressed up like a pea. Remember to eat your vegetables, kids!

While we were all dressing up and high-fiving and stuff, Caroline was busy making somatic maps of everyone’s aches and pains. She listened to people talk about their pains and put them down on paper with watercolors. It was very therapeutic, much like our playtime.

We finished off our handshake demos with a wave current running around the circle.

Then we got into building stuff out of cardboard boxes and wrapping people up with string and tape for awhile. We declared it a “public information area.” We made a big mess, but the authorities didn’t seem to care. Who knew, fun is permitted!

Later on we played kick-the-can with old coffee cans outfitted for making ice cream. All you need is a small can (10 oz.) inside of a big can (2 pound) with ice and salt in the space between. Ingredients go in the smaller can. Seal well and agitate by kicking. We met some kids fresh off the boat (literally) from Norway who were really into kicking stuff! They were pretty into eating ice cream too.

For advanced can fun, you can also make tin can telephones and talk on the phone with your friends while making the tin can ice cream. We don’t know about you guys, but we generally prefer maximum fun. That was a great day.

Photos by Chen Tamir, Stephanie Beaulieu


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