The K.I.D.S. Has Some Work To Do First Meeting


Fellow K.I.D.s,

Here’s a wrap up for everyone who wasn’t at the meeting on Thursday, and an idea of how to proceed… Sorry it’s so long, ach!
Christine counted 18 people at the meeting. There are 40 people on this email list, and maybe 10 of them are far away, so it was a  pretty good turnout.

I thought we had a good hangout session. We started with snacks and mingling, then brought the snacks and had a picnic on the floor while going around and each telling two truths and a lie about ourselves. Some good stories, fact and fiction came out. And we all voted on which one was the lie.

Then we got down to “serious” “business.” We drew pictures and schematics of different projects we are all interested in doing, and put them up on the wall. Then we took turns presenting the projects of others based on the visuals, followed by the person who made the drawing saying a few words about what they had intended, and then interpreting the next person’s drawing. So it was a chain of ideas/interpretation/brainstorming. After that, we talked about the connections and overlapping parts of the various projects and tried to match things up so that we can help each other help ourselves make it all happen. One general contrast that emerged was between (a.) mobile/movement based projects, like walks, parades, etc. and (b.) projects with specific sites or temporarily installed in a fixed location.
Some pictures of the drawings and groupings are on the web here:
If you took any pictures that night, it would be cool to put them up too…

In general, it seems like the projects are most all quite temporary, sparse on material (more reliant on people power), and oftentimes having to do with an inclusive shared experience or exchange among people.

We also talked some logistics whilst all that productive playing went on…
-The dates for the concentrated project time is pencilled in for May 16-24. Probably the larger events that require all or most of the group to take part would happen on the weekends, with smaller projects that only require a few people spread throughout the week.

-Starting in April, we are able to work out of the new Flux Factory, a raw space near Queens Plaza, as a temporary homebase. The place is two blocks north of Queens Plaza at 39-31 29th street, Queens, NY 11101. So some of these outdoor projects could happen in that area, within walking distance, and others could spread over the bridge into Manhattan for higher foot traffic of grownups. Basically the homebase could be a central information point for maps/scavenger hunt kits/whatnot during the project period, as well as a meeting & material storage place for us.

-The next meeting could be April 5th, around 3-6p.m. How about we do a paper bag lunch swap at flux factory and take a walk around the neighborhood there. As we walk, we could maybe try a few games out spontaneously to think/play more. So everybody please bring a paper bag of edible things to trade with someone else. Sound good?
-Also, if you have a chance, before that meeting, it has been proposed that we do the following by email (send to for compiling):
—-Solidified ideas for those without a clear description so far (a few sentences)
—-What other projects on the table do your ideas/interests seem to coincide with most?
—-A list of materials needed for each project that we can work on trying to scavenge/save/get over the next 6 weeks (coffee cans, for example).
—-Some idea of a location/day of the week/time of the day for each project, if you have one in mind.

Also, we’ve talked about the fact that these kinds of simple actions can and should take place whenever, wherever we want them to, and they don’t need to be bound to the situation of this “show” (non-show) necessarily. Just good to keep in mind – so there’s no pressure!

Great to meet you all…


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