About the Bronx Blanket Fort in Blanka’s Bedroom and the Balloon Connection

We made a good-sized blanket fort in a bedroom on Archer Avenue in Mott Haven, Bronx. It was in Blanka’s room for a month. She puts on art shows and community events there. Check it out: bronxbbp.com. The fort was a lovely place to sit and think and talk.


One day, we sent some balloons down onto the street, fishing for new friends. There was a little notecard attached to each one inviting people to come play in the blanket fort, and it said the address of Blanka’s place.


One mysterious K.I.D., who went by many names, picked up a balloon and came upstairs to check out the fort and play for a while. He walked up the stairs to the third floor in his roller blades.


Then he came back for the snack-a-thon/fort demolition party we had the following week and brought his friend.


We got a bunch of good food at the West African Market around the corner, including delicious pillow bread (appropriately named) and salted fish.



Ashley sent over this picture of her blanket fort in Texas. How cool is that? Let’s keep it going!



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